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Mondrian Residences

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Living at Mondrian Residences offers a unique and pleasurable experience to all the residents. The signature interiors by Imperio bring a warm yet contemporary design edge to the project, transforming the residences into sophisticated, art-filled homes maximising the internal floor space and the abundant, natural light. All the rooms co-exist and complement each other, creating exceptional living areas that are perfect for relaxation and ease.

Occupancy: 04/2020

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Bloomberg: Cyprus has become a gateway to Europe

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Assets under management up 29% in first quarter to record high

Drawn by its location — straddling the regions of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and with access to Eastern Europe, Russia and former Soviet republics — flexible legislation and lower costs, Asian funds are using Cyprus for their single European Union passport for investment across the bloc.

“There is an increasing trend for funds from countries who traditionally didn’t have strong economic ties with Cyprus such as China, India and even Japan, to establish a base in the country as their gateway to the EU,” Andreas Yiasemides, Vice President of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association, said in an interview in Nicosia.

The number of investment funds and assets under management have hit record highs, according to the Central Bank of Cyprus. At the end of March the number of funds rose to 123 from 110 at end December. Total assets under management rose by about 29 percent to 4.45 billion euros ($5.24 billion) from 3.45 billion euros. In Dec., 2008 there were 55 funds with 1.23 billion euros in assets under management.


Investment funds are increasingly attracted to the island

Interest for the setup and authorization by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission of alternative investment funds runs strong, its Chairwoman Demetra Kalogerou said.
“There are 60 applications at this moment for different fund structures,” she said. “Of these, 44 have been pre-approved, subject to fulfilling certain conditions.”


Flexible legislation

While Cyprus’s existing funds framework legislation applies EU directives and regulations, the country is introducing additional changes to make the island even more attractive for investors and fund and asset managers to register and manage funds, said Marios Tannousis, Board Member and Secretary of CIFA.
These include legislation that will enable investors to know from the beginning the tax regime applied to the different types of funds, a fast-track procedure for launching so-called registered alternate investment funds and the establishment of a new category of investment managers known as mini-managers who will be licensed to operate below current alternative investment fund manager thresholds, he said.

Cypriot legislation for establishing funds is much more flexible than elsewhere in Europe, but investors remain well protected, Yiasemides said. Costs in Cyprus are much lower than elsewhere in the EU and that is very important for small and medium-sized fund managers that Cyprus is seeking to lure. “We can’t become Luxembourg from day one and so we aim to attract funds that take cost into account,” he said.


Domestic investment

A physical presence in Cyprus also means funds contribute to the country’s domestic economy, renting or buying offices and paying fees to the state. They can carry out investments, especially in real estate, Yiasemides said.

Kylin Prime Fund, a Sino-European manager, established the Kylinprime Investment Fund in Cyprus as an alternative investment fund for the island’s assets. It invests in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects in Cyprus, financial assets of Cypriot companies or Cypriot organizations, such as bonds, bills issued with Cysec approval, according to its website. It is also one of the very few funds authorized to raise capital under the Cyprus citizenship by investment program, the company says.

“We are receiving inquiries for domiciling funds in Cyprus from China and India, but also from the Middle East and Europe including from Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Germany,” Tannousis said. “There is also some interest from U.K. funds managers to have back up funds in the country as their EU base, ” he said.

— With assistance by Vassilis Karamanis

Source: Bloomberg

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Leeza Mangaldas,Forbes: Why India’s Richest Are Seeking Citizenship In Cyprus

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India’s wealthy have long coveted foreign passports. Some see it as a ticket to easier tax regimes and more business friendly climates. For others, it’s the desire for a more western lifestyle or the ability to study, work or travel abroad with ease. For rich Indians looking for citizenship or permanent residency in a European nation, the scenic island country of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean is becoming an increasingly popular choice, thanks to its “golden visa” program, where residency or citizenship can be acquired via investment.

Why Cyprus?

Perhaps the most high profile Indian to opt for Cypriot citizenship in recent times is the real estate billionaire Surendra Hiranandani, cofounder of the Hiranandani Group. His reason: the ease of doing business.

“If I had a chance to speak with Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, I would urge him to do something about improving the ease of getting various permissions for the real estate sector. Then, of course, there is the major problem of the rate of interest the builders are charged,” he said in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, lamenting the state of the construction business in India.

Interestingly, Cyprus seems to appeal not just to high net worth Indians in India, but equally to wealthy Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in cities like London or Dubai.

Another famous Indian to recently take on Cypriot citizenship is Anish Bhatt, better known as Watch Anish. He’s the founder of one of the world’s foremost watch and lifestyle magazines, with close to two million followers on Instagram.

Speaking to me from Cyprus in a telephone interview, when asked why he made the switch, he said the biggest draw was the quality of life the move offered. “I travel so much for work, I barely get to spend 60 days a year with my wife and daughter. Those 60 days at home are now in a place with constant sunshine, swimming pools and easy access to the most beautiful beaches in the world, instead of in an apartment in a dreary, hectic city. London was also getting more and more dangerous and I wanted a better quality of life for my little girl.”

The island’s more tax-friendly business climate, and varied investment opportunities are an added bonus for new businesses. “It really worked well because the tax system in Cyprus is very easy to work with. Plus with all the new infrastructure and development coming up, I’ve also discovered many promising new investment opportunities,” Bhatt said.

What the process is like

When asked what the process of getting his Cypriot passport was like, Anish explained, “While it may seem daunting to make the switch to a whole new country, it can actually be a very smooth process–you just work with consultants that specialize in enabling your move.”

To find out more, I spoke with Dillon Bhatt, head of international business development at Millwood Kane International, the real estate investment firm that worked with Watch Anish to facilitate his move.

Currently based out of London and Cyprus, the firm specializes in assisting high net worth individuals with the Cypriot citizenship-via-investment and residency-via-investment processes. Now the firm also has a growing presence in Mumbai, because a large portion of their clients are Indians.

“Cyprus offers the quickest route to European citizenship through the investment program,” Dillon said. “The investment can be made by a purchase of a €2 million home in Cyprus, or an investment of €2 million into land development, infrastructure projects, hospitality, businesses, or even funds in Cyprus with an additional €500,000 + VAT invested in a home.”

For a Permanent Residency Visa, “applicants are required to invest €300,000 plus VAT in real estate, and comply with basic minimum annual income criteria,” he explained. “There’s no obligation to reside in Cyprus, a short visit once in two years is sufficient; and after seven years of residency in Cyprus, you are entitled to apply for naturalization and obtain a Cyprus passport.”

In either case, the process usually takes “approximately three to six months,” according to Dillon.

What are the benefits?

“Once you have Cypriot citizenship or residency, as long as you spend at least 60 days a year in Cyprus and less than 183 days in any other country, you are eligible to be a tax resident in Cyprus, which can be extremely tax efficient for most people making the switch,” Dillon explained.

“Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the EU, at 12.5% which can be further reduced to as little as 2.5% by applying Notional Interest Deduction (NID). Also, there is no capital gains, inheritance or estate tax, and significantly, there is zero tax on dividends–so it can make a lot of sense financially for Indians.”

Dillon also said that family members of the primary applicant can also easily acquire Cyprus residency or citizenship; spouses and children under 18 years are included–and even adult children until the age of 28 are eligible until the age of 28 if they can show that they are financially dependent on the primary applicant.

“This makes it especially appealing to wealthy Indians who tend to live with large families and have family-run businesses,” he said.

The Cyprus citizenship-via-investment has been popular with millionaires from other countries for several years now, and it is understandable why more and more wealthy Indians are keen to avail of it too.

But just last month, the Cypriot government announced that it will limit the number of naturalizations of investors to 700 a year, starting this year.

It will be interesting to see how this policy update will impact the aspirations of high net worth Indians wanting to relocate to Europe. Perhaps it will make Cypriot citizenship even more desirable.

Source: Leeza Mangaldas, Forbes

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Cyprus Investment Scheme Improved

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The Council of Ministers decided on Monday to limit the number of naturalisations of investors to 700 a year, starting this year.

The citizenship-by-investment scheme will also be renamed the “Cypriot Investment Scheme”, the Press and Information Office (PIO) said in an announcement after the House of Representatives meeting.

Every application will also be subject to an enhanced due diligence, the PIO said, after the House of Representatives meeting.

Applicants, who will foot the bill for the enhanced due diligence process, will have to wait up to six months for their applications to be examined.

“A code of conduct has been adopted with clear provisions to avoid exaggerations and abusive practices,” it said. While investors have to remain owners of their investment for a minimum three-year period, in the case of buyers of real estate, the period now begins with the issue of a town planning permit.

The government’s golden visa scheme introduced in the current form in 2014 and amended on a number of occasions thereafter, allows investors to receive Cypriot citizenship for an investment of as little as €2m.

In 2017, the government issued 503 passports to an equal number of investors and 510 additional passports to members of their respective families, compared to 443 and 461 in 2016, 337 and 342 in 2015, and 214 and 186 in 2014.

In March, the European Commission said that it would investigate golden visa schemes of Member States and prepare a report amid complaints that such schemes were vulnerable to abuse, undermined the fight against corruption and increased the risk of money laundering.

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Pantheon Hill Residences: Enjoy Every Moment

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When a home brings an unmistakably contemporary edge to uptown living on the hills of Panthea in Limassol you should reset your expectations and live at Pantheon Hill Residences. The interior design itself is paired with high-end finishes to offer residents every convenience along with a host of brilliantly contemporary luxuries.

Discover the benefits of investing in a second home and acquiring the European citizenship or a Permanent Resident Permit (PR). Contact our well-trained Customer Service team for more information on the immigration programmes of Cyprus and our properties.



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The Icon: the joy of high-rise living

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54 immaculately designed residences are delivered fully finished with inspired interiors and outdoor living spaces designed by Imperio’s award-winning team.

All of these unique residences were designed to gracefully frame views of the city of Limassol, the coastline and the sky offering an effortless sense of ease and relaxation.

Discover the benefits of investing in a second home and acquiring the European citizenship or a Permanent Resident Permit (PR). Contact our well-trained Customer Service team for more information on the immigration programmes of Cyprus and our properties.


Visit The Icon for more information.