How can I become an associate of Imperio in terms of sales?
Please contact our experienced sales team at +357 25581005 to provide you with our requirements to the associates we work with.
You can also leave a message on our website with your contact details and we will come back to you within a maximum of 48 hours.

Is the Agency Agreement needed?
Yes, in order to avoid any misunderstanding between us, the Agency Agreement should be signed before we start collaboration.

What kind of commission should I expect?
You should expect Imperio standard commission which will be discussed as soon as we come to the stage of the Agreement signing. Sometimes, the commission rate depends on the performance of the agent and a number of successful sales which have been made for Imperio.

Do I need to register the client?
Yes. The registration should be sent in writing (by email) and we will reply with a confirmation email after checking our database.

What happens if the client has already been registered with you?
If the client has already been registered by one of our associates but didn’t make a viewing yet, we will accept your registration provided that the viewing time for your client will be  arranged by you prior to the other associate’s viewing. In this case the client will be considered as yours. If the viewing has been done, we will not accept the registration.

Do you need me during the appointment?
If you are in Cyprus, we prefer you to accompany your client, as he will feel more comfortable with the person he knows. If you are abroad, one of our experienced sales consultants will hold a meeting and a viewing, and will send you the report with the details of how it went.

In case of the successful sale when can I expect my commission?
You can expect it 30 days after the client has paid and Imperio has received the payment, in its bank account of an amount no less than 40% of the Contract of Sale price. The relevant invoice should be provided by you.

How can Imperio assist me in order to attract the clients?
Imperio will provide you with all the necessary marketing materials and tools including the latest mobile applications to promote its product. One of the members of Imperio sales team will be assigned as your permanent contact for any assistance you need. If your clients are abroad we can meet them  in their country during the nearest  trip of  Imperio, provided the client have a serious intentions to proceed with Imperio. Such events as presentation, cocktail parties and private meeting could be organised as well.

Can you offer the clients your assistance in obtaining the PRP and citizenship status?
Yes, we have been successfully doing this from 2013 via our advisors.