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The new issue of Exclusive Magazine is out now!
In this edition you will find attention-grabbing articles ranging from looking from the evolution of skyscrapers to an exclusive interview with the creators of PAT (Plant a Tree) Shoes. There is nothing as good as brunching with friends, and in this issue we have tracked down the best 5 brunching places so you can enjoy maple syrup pancakes or quiche followed by the mesmerising Aphrodite trail in Akamas.

Click here to read the digital issue.

To order your hard copy please contact our well-trained Customer Service team or visit our website.

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The interesting presentation “Limassol, Upcoming Development, pluses and minuses”, organised by the Limassol Architects Association at the Municipal Cultural Centre “Panos Solomonidis”, was completed today, June 2.

The aim of the presentation was to encourage a public debate on the need for an integrated and a sustainable development policy, in view of the rapid growth that transforms our city.

The position of Yiannis Misirlis, Deputy Chairman of the Cyprus Land and Building Developers Association and Director of Imperio Group, is based on the creation of an alternative development model with a long-term vision.

As he said in his presentation, “The right Urban Planning creates an alternative development model capable of responding to the needs of modern citizens. Tall mixed-use buildings create a community and are important in upgrading cities and improving the quality of city life. Tall buildings are necessary for Limassol. Not only do they upgrade the city, the environment and the product, but they also offer a lifestyle that citizens are increasingly looking for”.

In conclusion, “Limassol is changing and offers new challenges and opportunities. With a long-term vision and serious investment in architecture, urban design and development, we can create a wonderful world-class city”.

The Butterfly Effect

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2014 was an important year for Imperio, as the company celebrated 10 years of successes, including the design & construction of fantastic residential and commercial properties as well as attracting overseas property investors. The company organised a series of events, called The Butterfly Effect, which were held throughout the year, each focusing on achieving a valuable contribution to society at large. The celebrations culminated in a fundraising gala dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol on Friday October 10, 2014.

Imperio Team

Imperio Team

Dignitaries and officials who attended the gala dinner and addressed the guests included Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, a number of Ministers of the Republic, Members of the House of Representatives, as well as leading figures in the society and industry of Cyprus. All proceeds from the dinner were donated to the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics, based in Limassol.

For more information on the year’s celebration activities, click <a href=”” target=”_blank”>here</a>.

Please see below a glimpse of the fundraising gala dinner.