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#KingIcon: Talk of the town

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The Icon, which now dominates the Limassol coastline, may have already caught the eye with its impressive architecture and unique and innovative features, but it has become the talk of the town for another reason: The stunning blue sculpture, placed next to the main entrance of the building and which represents the gorilla from the internationally famous movie, King Kong.

It is no coincidence, then, that the blue King Kong, which dominates next to the main entrance of the Icon, captivates the eye. Passers-by make their daily stop at the Icon to admire the masterpiece of the French artist, while already a number of newlywed couples have taken part in their wedding photography at the spot, next to the impressive work.

King Icon, therefore, from the entrance of the diamond building in Limassol sends to passers-by and visitors the message that we must see beyond the image. And this is his wild charm.

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Inspired and crafted by the well-known French artist Richard Orlinski. Wild Kong sculpture, stands next to the iconic entrance of The Icon, Limassol, aiming to produce an immediate emotional response to the visitors from the first sight. #KingIcon

Mouth open on scary fangs, the resin gorilla self-proclaims invincible by hammering his torso with his threatening fists. Reinterpreting the fantastic creature of King Kong, Richard Orlinski asks us about our archaic fears about our animality. But the ferocious beast is capable of tenderness.

“In each sculpture, I have already made I tried to put a symbol telling a story. Nothing is there by random or only for decoration”, he said of his work. “In creating, I release my positive energy. I would like my creations to help men channel their dark thoughts, transform them into beauty.”

Violence is in nature, it is vital, but Richard Orlinski also knows that beauty can turn violence into a positive emotion. Richard Orlinski sculpts to sublimate reality and creates living, beautiful and timeless artworks that arouse emotion in the public’s eyes. He mainly uses contemporary materials such as resin and aluminium, but also marble, stone and bronze.

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