1. The Red Truck Catering is moving all the time but the only thing sure is that it will satisfy your hunger! Their 100% beef patties are prepared daily and on the spot. A unique date outdoor in a special place only for you and your loved one…

2. Discover a New Town Village in Cyprus together with your other half and make lasting memories.

3. Ice Cream for two at Molos in the morning and summer will come quicker.

4. Sayious Adventure Park is always ready to satisfy your extreme side. Why not try an off road buggy ride or drift karting together? If you want to test your love, you can always aim to try paintball! 🙂 Pre-booking is advised

5. Take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of nature and maybe the activities that you can experience there and visit the famous Troodos. Snow flakes, cold and love go together.

6. One place you may have never eaten before… cook and make your veranda more special for both of you! 😉

7. Pull out your tent and sleeping bags and try Camping for two.

8. Yeehaw! A little horseback riding and you will explore the adventure at your relationship. Santa Marina Retreat is the ideal place for this.

9. Water falls in Caledonia will provide you with calmness and tranquility through the nature.

10. Do some gardening together. Plant some flowers or create something new to decorate your house. You will love doing this together. Make your bond stronger.

11. Try becoming a Tourist in your hometown with your partner and see what unique things you have been missing out!

12. Rent bikes and cycle all around Limassol. Time to explore more about this city. You will be surprised for the places you didn’t know they exist.

13. Go to Kourio for a unique night with your partner. Don’t forget to take with you two glasses and a wine! Stars will be waiting for you too. It Will be cold so get dressed appropriately or even better, hug each other!

14. The perfect place for a tasteful breakfast is only a 5-minute walk from Imperio office! The Cookhouse will know how to prepare the best recipes for you and your loved one’s taste!


15. Sirius Dog Sanctuary in Limassol are hosting a Dog Walk day. Go and and give a hand that day with your significant other and you will both feel truly completed that day by offering love and care to the most loyal friends of humans! Sirius Dog Walk