While owning comes with more responsibilities than renting, it also comes with a unique set of benefits that renters can’t get.

First of all, the high rental prices – especially in Limassol – is a great reason to consider to invest in your own property. In some cases, the monthly instalment when purchasing an apartment is much lower than paying rent. For instance, in the brand-new development of Sunset Gardens by Imperio in Limassol, the starting price for buying a new residence works out to be €530 per month.

Compared to the high rental values of the city (average price for a 5-10-year-old – 1-bedroom apartment is €800/month), Sunset Gardens is the perfect example of how you can benefit from purchasing a property instead of renting one.

  1. Your new home doesn’t need renovation

When you go from renting to owning a new house, you don’t have to worry about renovation. A brand new, fully furnished and accessorised apartment includes everything you should need since you have chosen it. In most of the cases, you can request your changes to the developer during the construction phase of the new project, so the final outcome will be based on your needs.

  1. You don’t have a landlord so you set your rules.

You are the landlord of your property now, so no one can prevent you and your creativity in making whichever change you want in your home. On the contrary, when renting each landlord sets his own restrictions on the accessories or furniture you could bring into his property. Which is reasonable, by the way, to some extent…

  1. You have your personal property manager for maintenance & repairs

A lot of property developing companies provide after-sales services as well as property management services. Taking as an example the new gated community of Sunset Gardens, Lion Global Property Management provides services of maintenance of the communal areas and of each property of the project as well.

  1. You have a chance to build equity you can use for a future home purchase

With renting, you don’t gain any value that could help you out in the future. But, as a homeowner, you could have a head start on buying your next home when you move in the future.

While owning isn’t a guarantee you’ll be able to build significant wealth, if you make money on your first home’s sale, you could use that to help with your next home’s purchase. How much you make — or if you make anything at all — depends on the situation … but there’s no chance you’ll be able to do that when renting.