Limassol is one of the top destinations to live in Europe. The city of Limassol has an extremely high standard of living and ideal climate conditions in one of the safest countries in the world. The city of Limassol is one of the most popular relocation choices for many professionals and their families. Limassol, as a modern multicultural city, has a variety of amenities and options for the daily life of a family. The English-speaking private schools of all levels, from Kindergarten to primary and high school, are at a top-level and their reputation is proof of that.

Some of the best private schools in Cyprus are located in Limassol. Most of them are model schools, while some of them are the top schools in the country.

The Grammar School Limassol

This is one of the best-known schools of Limassol followed by a great reputation. The purpose of The Grammar School Limassol is to promote the enduring qualities of consideration, curiosity and confidence in its students by encouraging them to think clearly, to make reasoned choices, and to be responsive to the world around them. At The Grammar School, the curriculum is designed to meet the students’ academic and personal needs. The academic programmes are rich and varied, giving students strong backgrounds in the natural and social sciences. English is the spoken language and children can enrol from the age of five. The yearly fees for 2020-2021 range from €4,370 to €8,170.

Foley’s School

Foley’s School is a private, independent, multinational and co-ed school. It is a British day-school with an international enrolment catering for all age groups from 3 years (Pre-Reception) to 18 (A levels and university entrance). This school has a British Curriculum with the language of instruction to be in English. Kids can join the school from the age of three and the yearly fees for 2020-2021 range from €6,300 to €10,800.

Heritage Private School

The Heritage Private School provides an education based on the UK National Curriculum for students in the age range 2 to 18: Early Years, Primary and Secondary, and all teaching and assessments are in English. The School aims to provide the same high quality of education as a well-respected UK private school, yet with very competitive fees.

Silverline Private School

Silverline Private School is an international school delivering the English National Curriculum to Kindergarten and Private and Primary students. Education in Secondary School, which also follows the English National Curriculum, culminates in students taking IGCSE, GCE AS & Advanced level qualifications through the Edexcel/Pearson examination board.

Lighthouse School

Lighthouse School is a child-centred progressive primary school created by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Its mission is to provide a holistic education based on established and successful models used by global leaders in confidence building, creative thinking and academic achievement. Lighthouse School has a British Curriculum and the yearly fees for 2020-2021 are €5,750.

Limassol, along with the infinite possibilities and amenities it offers, provides the top quality at all levels. All the private schools mentioned above are widely considered amongst parents to be some of the best choices for their child’s education. The long history of these private schools, their strong reputation and rich curriculum make them ideal options.

Source: International Schools Database