Seaside Multifunctional Park ‘Prokymea’

With the completion of the eastern part of the seaside multifunctional park, a very important project for the upgrade of the coastal front of Limassol is finished. The park named ‘Prokymea’ offers guests opportunities for walking, resting and recreation in a beautiful and functional environment.

The coastal park is 65,000 square meters big, and features a cycle lane that connects Olympians Coast with the Limassol Marina and the Garillis linear park, three cafeterias, elaborated new pedestrian promenade, built walkways and new playgrounds, skateboard area, small auditorium, modern lighting and more.


The project also includes three docks for a walk, a large semicircular platform for various activities and a pier where a wooden fishing boat “Lampoysa” is fastened as a museum exhibit. Visitors, especially children, have the opportunity to be informed on how fishing is carried out on small wooden boats.

Thousands of visitors embraced the project already with excitement, especially during the afternoon and evening hours the area is very popular for exercise, recreation and leisure.

limassol old market

For those who fancy a taste of the life in Limassol in the old times, the Central Municipal Market is definitely a must visit place. The market operates Monday to Saturday, offering fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, bread and more, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visitors can also find mountain herbs, honey, traditional food products, wine, flowers and local art creations. Just outside the old market, there is a very picturesque square, where one can enjoy Cyprus coffee in the shade of trees.


One day sea cruises in the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, are organised from May to October, weather permitting and these usually include drinks and snacks on board, with lunch served either on board or at a seaside restaurant. Magnificent views are enjoyed and stops are made for swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, while guests can also enjoy sunbathing on board during the cruise.
Boat trips start from Limassol old Harbour