Here is a real dialogue in a taxi in Limassol. The driver wonders in which new building on the coast of Limassol is the famous blue gorilla.

–              Good morning, let’s go to the Icon, please

–              Remind me which building this is exactly

–              The one with the blue gorilla at the entrance…?

–              Oh yes! The high-rise that looks like a diamond on the beach? The new Imperio building you mean?

–              Yes!

–              Everyone uploads stories and photos with the blue gorilla.

–              It has become talk of the town. I even saw a bride and groom next to the blue gorilla in a photo!

Imperio’s blue gorilla in Limassol has become a pole of attraction for passers-by, which is a hit in social media. For the more…experienced in art, however, the impressive blue gorilla at the Icon is, apart from being a great work of art and attraction, a symbol of hope. Because, precisely, through this project, messages of optimism emerge, such as the beauty that manages to defeat evil, the love that transforms humans.

Imperio, recognising the importance and positive impact of art on people’s lives, introduced the visual arts to Cyprus real estate. The highlight is the impressive blue sculpture placed at the main entrance of the Icon in Limassol, which represents King Kong. The project is one of the most famous creations of the famous French artist, Richard Orlinski.

For Richard Orlinski, King Kong was the inspiration for the creation of a series of sculptures, in different colors, which are occasionally hosted in various places, such as squares and galleries, around the world. The messages he sends through his art are extremely important for each person individually. Referring to King Kong, showed that “taming our negative instincts, we can transform into something beautiful.”

King Kong from the entrance of the Limassol Diamond Building sends the message to passers-by and visitors that beauty is everywhere. Even through the wild form of the movie monster.