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Limassol, popular as a ‘sea and sun’ tourist destination is nevertheless a winter trip one should not miss! The weather is as mild as 13°C even at night time, so if you are looking for the ultimate coziness, Limassol should definitely be at the top of your Winter holidays list.

It’s not only more attractive room rates and airfares. Limassol has plenty of options for the traveler all year round. Besides a very rich list of archaeological and cultural sites to visit, one can enjoy vibrant nightlife and gastronomy, the sumptuous atmosphere of a wide selection of wine bars, and a great variety of activities for all ages.

Cycling, hiking, bird watching, horse riding, sailing, air sports (weather permitting), snow skiing (usually between January and March), tennis, spa, shopping … are just a few of the available options.  Visitors can explore wine routes in the region considered to be the centre of Cyprus’ wine industry, or byzantine churches routes to become familiar with yet another aspect of Cyprus civilization by discovering churches and monasteries of the former Byzantine Empire.

During the Christmas period Limassol is home to number of events and fairs, in a more traditional and magical atmosphere where locals and tourists come together in mutual, festive celebrations!


The Limassol Tourism Board is the official tourism body for the Limassol region. We specialize in promoting Limassol and its further development in terms of tourism infrastructure.


Limassol wins second place as a ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’ in Europe!


Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’ contest is organised by the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN), for all tourism destinations Europe-wide. The theme for the 2015 award calls for ‘Industrial Heritage Tourism’ and winners are recognised as ‘examples of excellence’ aiming to inspire and stimulate other European tourism destinations.

The Carob Mill was previously used in the 1800’s as a mere warehouse, and by the 1920’s was converted into a carob mill. By the year 1937, the carobs were exported for animal feed in the UK, Germany, Russia, France and Egypt and also used as a chocolate substitute in the sweet industry. The seeds, thus, enjoyed a particular great demand. The substance was later used in the photographic film manufacture industries and in Pharmaceutical industries respectively.

All this happening and vibrating in Limassol’s old city centre, the site is situated right next to the Medieval Castle; which was home to the only British Royal couple that ever got married outside Britain, Richard Lionheart and Berergaria. Today, as we speak, Limassol’s Medieval Castle is a most visited place for every holiday seeker, every tourist and every local as it has become one of the most recreational areas of the island.

At a time when cultural and heritage tourism is probably the fastest growing sector of all European tourism, Limassol continues to uphold and strengthen its place as a destination of quality with much more to offer than the typical ‘sun and sea’ tourism model.



Cycling in Cyprus

With very few winter months, the Cyprus climate is ideal for cyclists. There are many bicycle paths throughout Limassol, especially along the seafront stretch. Set routes also offer a refreshing and healthy way to explore the area. While viewing the sea, colourful landscapes or mountainous regions, the challenging variety of terrains make each course a unique experience. Cyclists can become familiar with the local flora and fauna as well as with many aspects of Cyprus civilization by discovering churches and monasteries of the former Byzantine Empire, enjoying the picturesque villages and meeting the locals and get an authentic taste of delicious wines and local gastronomy.

Cycling Guidebooks with route and course details are available at CTO offices or information can be obtained from the website www.visitcyprus.com



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Limassol, as a port that welcomes more than 200,000 visitors every year arriving in luxurious cruise ships, is constantly improving its infrastructure.

A New Passengers’ Reception Area is currently under construction and is expected to give greater value to the visitor’s experience. The project is expected to be completed in September 2015. The importance of this project, beyond the practical and operational efficiency that will be aimed, is that it will contribute to a more positive first impression for Limassol as a destination and Cyprus in general.

Also aiming at offering a memorable first impression to visitors, the local authorities and the Limassol Tourism Board are organizing every year a number of ‘Welcome’ events upon the arrival of cruise ships. These events are a wonderful opportunity for visitors to get in touch with local culture, be entertained with Cypriot folklore music and dances and taste the local drinks (Coummandaria and Zivania) as well as local delicacies.

The events take place at the Limassol Medieval Castle square, a few minutes away from the Limassol Port by shuttle or by town bus number 30. Adjacent to the Medieval Castle is the Old Town which is an interesting area to visit and explore!


The Limassol Tourism Board is the official tourism body for the Limassol region. We specialize in promoting Limassol and its further development in terms of tourism infrastructure.


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Seaside Multifunctional Park ‘Prokymea’

With the completion of the eastern part of the seaside multifunctional park, a very important project for the upgrade of the coastal front of Limassol is finished. The park named ‘Prokymea’ offers guests opportunities for walking, resting and recreation in a beautiful and functional environment.

The coastal park is 65,000 square meters big, and features a cycle lane that connects Olympians Coast with the Limassol Marina and the Garillis linear park, three cafeterias, elaborated new pedestrian promenade, built walkways and new playgrounds, skateboard area, small auditorium, modern lighting and more.


The project also includes three docks for a walk, a large semicircular platform for various activities and a pier where a wooden fishing boat “Lampoysa” is fastened as a museum exhibit. Visitors, especially children, have the opportunity to be informed on how fishing is carried out on small wooden boats.

Thousands of visitors embraced the project already with excitement, especially during the afternoon and evening hours the area is very popular for exercise, recreation and leisure.

limassol old market

For those who fancy a taste of the life in Limassol in the old times, the Central Municipal Market is definitely a must visit place. The market operates Monday to Saturday, offering fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, bread and more, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visitors can also find mountain herbs, honey, traditional food products, wine, flowers and local art creations. Just outside the old market, there is a very picturesque square, where one can enjoy Cyprus coffee in the shade of trees.


One day sea cruises in the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, are organised from May to October, weather permitting and these usually include drinks and snacks on board, with lunch served either on board or at a seaside restaurant. Magnificent views are enjoyed and stops are made for swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, while guests can also enjoy sunbathing on board during the cruise.
Boat trips start from Limassol old Harbour


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Limassol has amazing beaches for every taste! Beaches with distinct character, offering a vast variety of experiences. We invite you to discover them and enjoy them!

With more than 100 km length, the Limassol coastline starts from Governor’s Beach on the East side and ends in the West after Pissouri village, just before the place of birth of Goddess Aphrodite. One can choose among romantic settings, wild nature or popular tourist beaches in the region.

Cyprus has recently been rated with 100% clean beaches, according to the results of the annual bathing water quality report compiled by the European Environment Agency and the European Commission.

This distinction gives our guests the privilege not only to admire the incomparable beauty and richness of beaches and coastline in the Limassol area but also to enjoy swimming and water sports with their loved ones in crystal clear sea waters!


The Limassol Tourism Board is the official tourism body for the Limassol region. We specialize in promoting Limassol and its further development in terms of tourism infrastructure.

RECTO/VERSO from Byzantine to Modernism

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20 March – 8 May 2015
Venue: Evagoras Lanitis Centre (behind the Limassol Medieval Castle)

The exhibition focuses on some to the most significant icons, originating from monasteries and village churches of the Limassol diocese. Eight of these icons are two-sided, thus the title Recto/Verso, indicating a representation at both sides, with the image of the Virgin with Child at the front (recto) and that of the Crucifixion or Via Crucis or simply a cross with decorative motifs at the back (verso).

The exhibition sheds light on representative samples of the iconographic creation from the twelfth to the nineteenth century, presenting the whole spectrum of ecclesiastical art from the Byzantine era, to Frankish (Lusignan and Venetian rule) and Ottoman times, covering thus a broad stylistic and chronological gamut that crystallizes different periods from the history of the island.

The visual voyage is completed with works by contemporary Cypriot artists, innovatively reinterpreting and rearticulating the particular hagiographic themes (Virgin with Child/Crucifixion) as they are delineated through the Byzantine, the subsequent Crusader tradition of the West and the Italobyzantine mode.

The icons will be presented on a specially designed panel, made out of simple material, placed in a central point of the exhibition space, allowing the visitor to see the icons on both sides, along with the contradiction of other relevant creations by local modern artists of Cyprus which will be presented in the same exhibition in the form of paintings, sculptures and other creations with the use of mixed materials.

The exhibition is organised by the Limassol Tourism Board, the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Municipality of Limassol and the Holy Bishopric of Limassol.



The Limassol Tourism Board is the official tourism body for the Limassol region. We specialize in promoting Limassol and its further development in terms of tourism infrastructure.